Empowerment Track

The Empowerment Track offers a variety of training seminars designed specifically to work with and help women who are or want to be candidates for office, party activists and campaign paid operatives or volunteers. This training will impart industry specific knowledge and training to encourage women to get more involved in the campaign process and work their way up the political ladder staying engaged on a long-term basis, in whichever roles -- on the ballot or behind the scenes -- for which they are most interested.  

Open to all Republican women, membership is encouraged, but not required to participate in the Empowerment Track.  As a new program starting in 2018, extra benefits are provided to those who do become full members, including reduced training fees.

Group training programs will be offered at multiple locations in the state in an effort to bring the training closer to all and reach as many women as possible. Fees apply for each program, and participants only attend and pay for sessions they chose to participate in.

Detailed, in-depth training programs will include, but not be limited to:

- Understanding what a campaign is and how to win;

- How to build a winning campaign organization;

- Fundraising,

- Grassroots neighbor-to-neighbor campaigning and GOTV (Get Out the Vote) efforts;

- Speech coaching;

- Working with the media;

- Building coalitions;

- Party leadership;

- Internet and social media;

- Introduction to possible campaign and consulting careers;

- Training programs for high school and college women;

- and more.

Perfect for women who are already involved in the campaign and political process, this track is also very applicable for those who are considering running for office a few years down the line and are just looking to gather more information.

Additionally, Member-Only programming includes:

- special guest speaker events;

- networking events;

- webinars on various topics including discussing campaign "how to" issues and current happenings;

- access to recorded sessions;

- private social networking pages;

- and more events to come.

Registration is now being accepted for our June 2018 campaign schools.  Please click on the "Calendar" tab in the menu bar to see available schools and events.