Leadership Track

Apply for acceptance to one of the limited number of spots in this elite Leadership training where you will learn the intricacies all levels of government and possible public service career paths. This annual program requires a 6-month commitment to attend sessions throughout the state, with one trip to Washington DC, for 2-3 days each.

Membership in The Lincoln Series is required to participate in the annual Leadership Program.

The Leadership Track provides a unique experience for each participant, helping to inform and educate Fellows at all political levels.  The curriculum begins with the basics on the structure of the Republican Party.  Each program thereafter expands on some aspect of what is learned in the first program with county government, followed by state and federal government, ethics, as well as campaign training and media relations.  Each program is set up not only to educate and inform, but also to network with speakers, state and federal legislators, and government officials, among others.  These exciting opportunities set the stage to learn more about the nuances of life in the political world, while creating and building lifelong mentoring relationships to help our select Fellows reach their professional goals.

Starting in 2019, the program begins in January and goes through early June, with two-to-three day seminars held once a month at varying locations across the state, plus one session in Washington DC.  These seminars are taught by leading experts, elected and party officials volunteering their time on topics including, but not limited to county, state and federal government, as well as ethics in leadership. Each May a National Convention of Excellence Programs is held in Washington DC for the member states across the country and includes meetings with members of Congress, administration officials, foreign policy experts and Republican party officials.

A sample agenda includes, but is not limited to:

January   Welcome / Nuts and Bolts of the GOP                                                   

February  Fundraising

March      Public Speaking

April        Springfield Trip / State Government                                                    

May         Washington DC Trip / Federal Government                                             

June        Campaign School & Graduation        

Each session dives deep into its subject matter, opening doors and career opportunities to participants they might otherwise have never known is an option.  All the while, you will be both cultivating and building life-long relationships with not only your classmates, but with the already 200+ alumnae Fellows.  Participation numbers are limited each year to maximize the personal and professional impact for each Fellow.


Click here for the application to the 2020 program. Please note applications are due by November 1st, 2019.